Folk music troubadour and peace instigator, Shannon Beck, has returned to the Pacific NW after 4 years soaking up Tennessee and Kentucky music. During that time she traveled the globe promoting anti-violence initiatives where she sat at the feet of some of the world’s best teachers: a Manila garbage dump survivor, women and their children navigating the night streets of Chiang Mai, a former President or two, and women battling for their dignity everywhere. Lucky for us, she’s a musician. Which means stories. Beck is working on video and recording in the next months. Stay tuned!

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About the CD

The themes and images in “Windows Open Wide” reflect Shannon Beck’s rural roots.

Beck spent her childhood roaming the Palouse hills in eastern Washington State where her streets were wheat fields and closest neighbors were coyotes.

This album speaks, sometimes with satire, sometimes with longing, to common themes we share: the hope for peace, the place of family and mothering, the longings of love and belonging and the importance of listening to life. 

“Lyrical melody lines combine with heartfelt lyrics to form a tapestry of music that leaves the listener all at once spoken to and soothed,”

Annemarie Russell, performing songwriter and educator


Img of Shannon Beck

About Shannon Beck

Shannon Beck’s writing and music traverses the roads of urban and rural living, explores deeper questions of meaning-making and connection and delivers it to us with soothing, memorable and insistent vocals, fingerpicking, and storytelling.

Beck sings us into our Grandmother’s gnarled hands, over the rivers and creeks of the Cherokee and the Spokane, into a Parisian museum, and always into those liminal spaces that are necessary to pursue justice and peace. With her we meet ourselves, our neighbors, and a joyful and fierce earth.

Her new release in the making, Push Back the Darkness, invites her best teachers to speak into our lives. In this writer, musician, and justice-seeker, we find a friend, a sister, a heart-driven musical companion.

“Beck’s willingness to be vulnerable to give of herself, her experience and her feelings bring her lyrics their power, which after a few listenings, take on the quality if a friend’s open-hearted discussion”

-Bill Fisher, Victory Music News
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